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The Klahoose peoples have lived in Toba Inlet on the central west coast of British Columbia, since time before memory.


Here stands, towering cedar trees interwoven with glacial streams and rocky shores that welcome the arrival of spawning Pacific salmon each fall. This breathtaking backdrop draws grizzlies to the beaches where they socialize with each other and feast on the bounty of fresh fish.

Four years ago Klahoose Coastal Adventures started operating out of Toba inlet, for the first time sharing the traditional territory to guests from all over the world. Our first tower was constructed in the summer of 2016, when James Delorme was chief of Klahoose. We first started operations with only one tour operator; Aboriginal Journeys. With only one tower and one ground viewing area, we knew it was time to expand. In 2017, Kevin Peacey was elected in as Chief of Klahoose, and has been re-elected in 2019 now serving his second term as Chief. Since then we have made partnerships with other growing tour operators along the coast, such as Homfray Lodge, West Coast Grizzly Bear Tours in 2017, then Eagle Eye Adventures in 2018 and Campbell River Whale Watching in 2020. Each one with their own unique delivery, we all share the love for the incredible Toba Inlet.

We provide six viewing towers set along the Klite River, that provide optimal sight lines to this natural phenomenon. Our grizzly bear tours are intentionally small to allow for the most intimate experience with the bears. Listen closely and you will hear their heavy breaths mingle with the rushing water - it is an exhilarating and truly amazing spectacle not to be missed! 

We are excited to continue offering comfortable, safe, knowledgeable, and unforgettable experiences.

The Grizzly Bears, return mid-August for the annual salmon run in Toba Inlet. A cycle that has taken place for a millennial on the traditional territory for the Klahoose First Nation people. With many more years to come, we are happy to have you visit us.

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Commercial Bear Viewing Association of BC