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About Klahoose First Nation

Toba Inlet
Bear Viewing Platform
Klahoose drum

 ʔi:mot tətᶿ kʷə's good to see you!

Situated on the central coast of British Columbia, the Klahoose Nation has lived since time before memory on lands, waters and air that make up our territories. Our ancestors spirit soars here and can be heard in the wind as it rustles the treetops and guides our peoples.

Our Elders remember vividly a time when our Big Houses stood on the shores of Toba Inlet. Today, our population lives in our main village in Squirrel Cove on Cortes Island. Our membership also resides in local communities like Powell River, Campbell River and in the Lower Mainland and Washington State.

Years of restrictive legislation which forbid the practicing of our cultural traditions has impacted our Nation tremendously. To combat this cultural loss, we embarked on a journey to rejuvenate our traditions, language and identity.  We are encouraged by the interest of our youth who are eager to reconnect the threads of our past to the framework of modern life.


Your visit to our territory strengths our opportunities to do this and on behalf of our Council and membership, we extend our welcome and gratitude. We wish you safe travels and hope you enjoy your time with us.









Chief Steven Brown
Klahoose First Nation

Chief Steven Brown

Our Team

Ben Lessard

Ben Lessard
Klahoose Nation



Jerry Francis
Klahoose Nation

Kenny Hanuse_edited.jpg

Ken Hanuse
Klahoose Nation


Bill Barnes_edited.jpg

Bill Barnes
Klahoose Nation

Justin at Klahoose Wilderness Resort_edi

Justin Sweet
Klahoose Nation

Ivan Rospypske at Toba Inlet

Ivan Rosypske Heiltsuk Nation

Klahoose Wilderness Resort - Leon_edited.jpg

Leon Timothy
Tla'min Nation 

Randy Louie - Grizzly Bear Guide_edited.jpg

Randy Klemkwateki Louie
Klahoose Nation

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