ʔi:mot tətᶿ kʷənome

"It's good to see you!"

What To Expect

The morning of your Grizzly Bear Experience Tour...


You will meet one of our tour providers, at their office for Check-in and

Pick-up between 7-10am.

(Please check your confirmation email after booking, for time of check-in)

Once everyone is ready, your Captain will bring you to Toba!

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by a member of our Nation who will offer you a traditional prayer and welcome.

From this spot, your guide will transport you to one of six viewing towers. Situated several feet from ground level, these viewing platforms are designed to provide an optimal vantage point while maintaining a safe distance from the bears.


Our tours are kept intentionally small to allow for the most intimate viewing experience.

Bear viewing tower
Two grizzly bears
2-3 hours of beautiful surroundings, inspiring stories, and countless memories

During your tour, you have a Klahoose guide, who is full of stories, interesting knowledge about the area /history, and a keen eye for wildlife.

Our guides are all trained with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association, and have been trained to recognize bear behavior; making your experience as comfortable and fun as they can, while we safely view our grizzled neighbours.

How to prepare before departure:

  • Eat a big breakfast!

There is no food permitted in the viewing towers. Depending on which tour you select, Lunch may be provided before or after your tour (please check confirmation email after booking)

  • Protect your skin!

To ensure you're well protected outside for the duration of the tour.

Suntan lotion and bug spray should be applied prior to your tour commencing.

  • Comfortable Clothing

It's important to dress comfortable!The best way to dress for Toba is, closed toed shoes to keep your toes safe, and dressing in layers to adjust to our weather freely when you need to. Our weather can change quickly, make sure to check what kind of weather we may be having by googling "Toba Inlet Weather"

  • Physical Ability

Ours tours only require you to use stairs without assistance, and be able to get on and off our boats and a mini-bus that transport you to Toba Inlet. The mini-bus will transport you from the dock area to the fixed bear viewing towers, often parking right beside the tower. Other than that there is very limited movement to ensure your comfort.

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