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Environmental Stewardship


The Klahoose Nation is rich in land, water, and cultural resources.

The Klahoose ancestors have managed this legacy of natural resources, honoring and protecting the environment and its inhabitants for millennia. 

The Klahoose Nation supports sustainable forestry, aquaculture, and an expanding tourism portfolio. Visitors can now explore this resplendent region like never before as they experience the Klahoose Coastal Adventures Grizzly Bear viewing and lodge at the new Klahoose Wilderness Resort. True to their legacy, both operators are fully committed to continue protecting the environment, its wildlife, and natural resources for all future generations. 

Their investment is committed to the preservation, conservation, and protection of our ocean, wilderness, marine, and terrestrial life as well as the local community.

  • Investment in glacier, watershed, and ocean health research

  • Partnership with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association to develop industry standards, uniform guide training, and ongoing research to protect bear and wildlife habitat

  • Contribution to the local economy to support regional coastal communities by purchasing locally-sourced goods and food, hiring local and Indigenous staff, and supporting artists 

  • Create a mentorship program for Indigenous youth for careers in tourism

  • The off-the-grid Resort produces its own power and supplies excess power across the territory|

The above efforts help to offset the Klahoose Wilderness Resort carbon footprint. 

Guests who choose to visit Klahoose Wilderness Resort will naturally support these great initiatives while etching memories through their personal adventures. This collective effort, a connection to place, its people, and time-gathered wisdom come together at Klahoose Wilderness Resort within the Klahoose Nation to cast lifelong memories while providing a positive impact for us all.

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