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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where is Toba Inlet?

Toba Inlet is located 2 hours East of Campbell River by boat,  on the mainland of British Columbia, just south of the edge of the Great Bear Rainforest. Inaccessible by car, the area is isolated and remote and requires boat transportation. There is a dock in Toba Inlet where you will disembark from your boat and we take a mini-bus about 10 minutes to the different viewing areas along a remote wilderness river where the bears can be found feeding on salmon.

What is the grizzly bear viewing season?

Grizzly bears begin feeding on From mid to late August we begin our grizzly bear viewing tours, and then operate daily until the middle of October. The season coincides with the salmon run in Toba Inlet, and the bears may often be viewing fishing and catching salmon. 

How do I book my Toba Inlet Grizzly Bear Tour?

Tours are book through our partners that operate their own vessels from Campbell River. They include a full day boat tour and our grizzly bear tour here in Toba Inlet. To see our partners please go to our Book Now page.

You may also choose to stay at our Klahoose Wilderness Resort for 3 and 4 night immersive bear viewing packages. For more information on Klahoose Wilderness Resort go the website here.   

Can children participate?

Yes children ages 10 years and over can join our tours - however, each Tour Operator may have an age limit, so be sure to check while booking. Children must be comfortable sitting quietly, for over 2 hours, while viewing the bears in the wooden platforms. 

I have limited mobility, can I still take a tour?

Each guest will need to be able to board and disembark their boat off of a stationary dock. Once at Toba Inlet,
are transported by minibus or SUV shuttle to the viewing towers. There is one tower which is ramp accessible - all others require guests to use stairs. We do not hike or walk any distance on the tours. Please check with your tour provider for boat specifications related to accessibility.

Where to we view the grizzly bears?

We transport you to one of our viewing areas along the remote wilderness river. Here we set up covered wooden viewing platforms  along the river where you may comfortable watch the bears with as little impact on the bears as possible. 

Are there bathrooms in Toba Inlet?

Yes, at the dock area only we have portable toilets and pit toilet. There are no washroom at the grizzly bear viewing area. Most of our tour operators will also have a head (washroom) on their vessel that you will be transported to Toba Inlet in.


Can I take pictures?

Yes! Of course we wouldn't want to stop you from capturing these special moments. All we ask is to turn your shutter sound and flash off, to ensure optimal viewing for everyone. Tripods are not allowed. Mono-pods are okay. No drones.  Please tag us at #ExploreKlahoose and #TobaInlet 

Where can I gather more information on the Klahoose First Nation?

Please visit for any additional information regarding Klahoose First Nations and their history.

Do I need to stay with my tour group for the whole time I am in Toba Inlet?

Yes - to ensure your safety, the safety of your fellow guests and the bears, you must remain with your tour group during your time in Toba Inlet. You must follow the guide's instructions and ask questions if you have any concerns.


In what language are the tours?
Safety instructions, along with basic information on the Klahoose First Nation, will be available in English only. 



Each Tour Operator has their own hospitality service - be sure to check while making your reservations. Please
note food strictly prohibited on the tours including the mini-bus, bear viewing areas and bear viewing platforms.

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